Do you often worry about Melbourne airport parking rates when deciding where to leave your vehicle in Melbourne airport? A few things annoy people more than having to pay for airport parking, which is more expensive than the trip they just took. Consumers are left with a bad taste in their mouths by the ancillary prices related to travel, such as the seat fees, baggage fees, booking fees, and so on. Outrageously high Melbourne airport parking rates may make the whole travel experience unpleasant. However, keep in mind that airport parking rates are the responsibility of the airport rather than the airline.

But why are airport parking rates so high? An airport’s parking rates are influenced by several different factors. And below is a detailed explanation of these costs. 

Melbourne Airport Parking Rates

Expenses for upkeep and maintenance

Sometimes, the high Melbourne airport parking rates are justified by the cost of maintenance and upkeep. Parking garage maintenance is expensive, there is no doubt about it. However, it is far less expensive to maintain a soulless concrete bunker than, say, a terminal or runway.

Airport parking lots, which are dependable revenue generators for the airport, help to cover the costs of maintaining and caring for other aspects of the airport. Because of the ongoing costs involved in maintaining the facilities, parking charges at Melbourne Airport may be fairly expensive.


The determined structure for Melbourne airport parking rates is determined by the market forces of competition. Depending on the accessibility of other car parking alternatives and the calibre of the public transit options that connect to the airport, the cost of parking in Carpark A will change. 

Airport parking lots that are in monopolistic positions or on the verge of monopolistic positions are more likely to impose higher prices than airport parking lots that are accessible to other parking and transit options.

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Melbourne Airport Parking Rates

The cost of real estate involved in the airport or the parking facility

One of the main causes of Melbourne airport parking rates being higher than anticipated is this. To function properly, airports and private parking facilities need a large portion of available land. Each of these acres is often close enough to a big city to be commutable. The size and location of the property make it very valuable. The grass verges, taxiways and other areas of the land that airports use do not significantly increase the airport’s total revenue.

However, there is a cost associated with the building and maintenance of a significant piece of this area. As the two main users of airports, passengers and airlines are accountable for carrying this burden. Airlines are required to pay several costs, including landing charges, apron charges, and terminal charges. Passengers’ tickets sometimes come with extra surcharges. Airport parking and concessions, which are other significant income sources, sometimes accept extra payments from passengers.

To offset the high cost of airport real estate, a precious commodity, Melbourne airport parking rates are a crucial tool. A significant portion of Melbourne’s airport’s annual earnings is contributed by the money made from parking lots. This may translate to a yearly sum of several million dollars.

Melbourne Airport Parking Rates

How far away is the main terminal of the airport?

Depending on how near your parking space is to the terminal, you will have to pay a different amount for parking there. Rather than leaving your car in an enclosed lot that is within a two-minute walk of the airport, it is more economical to leave it in an open lot that is two miles from the terminal.

However, bear in mind that private parking garage rates for airport parking are significantly cheaper. Therefore, search for these private parking lots close to the airport if you’re looking for the lowest Melbourne airport parking rates. Remember that only a car park that is carefully supervised can keep your vehicle secure until you return from your getaway.

So, Melbourne airport parking rates arise due to many factors, as explained in this post. However, you can check for things that help you find cheaper parking rates.

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