There are several best and free Cloud backup tips you will read this year as technologies continue to improve in Cloud computing. The days of just plain old network-attached service (NAS) are almost over as Apple Macintosh computers are starting to use the iLife interface for their email, contacts and calendar programs.

Now Windows-based PCs, both desktop and laptops are beginning to use Cloud Computing as well. Cloud computing is basically a set of computer programs that allow people to store their files online and access them from any computer with an Internet connection.

With Cloud Backup, you can back up all your data from one place and then access that information from any computer. For example, let’s say you have lots of pictures that you no longer need and you want to move some of them to an e-mail. You could do this by creating a sync file that would only be available from your primary Cloud account. That would be your Cloud backup solution.

You can then access this information from another computer (e.g. at work). Today there are many cloud backup solutions available on the market. Some of them are free and others require a small monthly fee. Here are some of the more popular and the best Cloud backup tips you will read this year:

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Cloud backup

Most people today use a free service such as Google Docs or Yahoo mail (or MSN) for documents and spreadsheets online. These services make it easy to store documents online where they are available to the whole world without the need to download or upload the files to a local computer first. In fact, you can access these files from any Internet-connected computer or even from another phone or PDA if you have one. 

However, as soon as the document is saved online, the file is stored in the servers of the providers. These servers are usually protected and are password protected to limit access to authorized users.

Whenever you save a document online, it is actually saving that file to a third party’s server. This means that if you lose the original copy, then you would not be able to recover any data whatsoever. There are many services that provide data backups that would preserve all the information such as the date when the data was saved or the content that was stored within the file.

If you want to back up your data to an offline location, then all you would need is an internet connection and a laptop or smartphone with an internet connection. One of the best cloud tips you will read this year is to purchase a data storage device, such as a USB stick or a hard drive, which has a large capacity for storing data. 

The Cloud backup tips for the year therefore suggest that you buy a high capacity storage device that is portable and could easily fit in your pocket. Such devices are commonly available on the internet. You can also check with your service provider about what type of drives they use.

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