If you already have frameless glass doors in your home or are planning to install them, you will need to be aware of the upkeep requirements for them. The care on frameless glass doors is luckily not all that tough. This is mostly because these doors are constructed to need as little maintenance as is physically feasible. All of the parts of a frameless door system are made of materials that are resistant to weather and rust.

The following is a list of the typical parts that make up Frameless Glass Doors. 

  1. The top and lower rails both consist of aluminum construction.
  2. Polymer and stainless steel are used in the construction of the wheel guides and the wheels themselves.
  3. The weatherstripping is made of a UV-resistant polycarbonate that is designed to endure for a very long period of time.

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Frameless Glass Doors

What kind of maintenance is required for frameless glass doors?

1. Regular cleaning

To keep the panels and the mounts of your frameless glass doors clear of dust and other particles, you will need to establish a regular cleaning routine for them—ideally, one that takes place once per week. Use a combination of light detergent and water to clean the glass. The liquid should be so mild that it does not form bubbles, and then scrape the glass with a soft cloth to clean it. On your glass surfaces, you should avoid utilizing harsh or powerful cleansers.

To begin cleaning the aluminum tracks, use a brush or a tiny vacuum attachment to remove any muck or debris that may be stuck in the grooves of the tracks. After that, wipe off the tracks using a towel that has been dampened.

To prevent moisture from being caught in the tracks, make sure that your weep holes are free of any obstructions at all times.

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Frameless Glass Doors

2. Frameless glass door lubrication

You will need to lubricate all of the working metal pieces to maintain the quiet and smooth sliding and swinging motion of your panels. Apply Teflon spray or gear lubricant to the upper and lower running carriages and make sure they are properly lubricated.

3. Header sag

When installing sliding door assemblies, header support is installed into the wall above the door to counteract the weight that is being applied by the ceiling or the floors above. This header may continue to droop over time as the building settles. Also, it may ultimately come to rest on top of the sliding assembly. This will place additional stress on your frameless glass doors, and it will prevent them from functioning properly.

In this scenario, the system could need to be readjusted and realigned. To have this problem resolved, you will need to get in contact with our trained technicians.

Frameless Glass Doors

4. Handling

Incorrect methods of handling and operation are the most frequently encountered reasons for damage to Frameless Glass Doors systems. A quick review of the proper way to operate your sliding doors is as follows:

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