As the designation suggests, this shower screen has a full frame. It’s the stoutest and most robust form of bath panel, making it ideal for family homes and other high-traffic bathrooms. Provided in both pivot and sliding shapes, fully framed shower screens Epping come in a range of designs to fit every bathroom décor.

Shower Screens Epping


Looking for somewhat a bit slimmer but still durable? Consider a semi-framed shower shade. This model reduces the whole metal shell’s unwieldiness, with only the outer edge remaining in this robust style. The remainder of the panel is more minimalistic, helping to construct a lightroom that looks wider than it really is. The base frame comes with some shades, so you’ll be able to find one that fits the paint palette.


If your lavatory is tiny or has a rough style, a descending Shower Screens Epping maybe your best high-quality. Nice space, preferring this design to a pivot door, which might not be possible in tight corners. The semi-frameless sliding door is visually beautiful and can be integrated into any bathroom theme.

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Shower screens Epping


This stylish shower window features a door that swings back and forth to open. The lack of a full frame provides a luxurious look that’s sure to add glamour to every bathroom. These Shower Screens Epping are made of high-quality materials and are easy to clean.


Choose a shower screens Epping to create a tidy, spacious bathroom. This model has no aluminium frame, resulting in a sleek, elegant aesthetic. Lack of frame means that the theme can be inserted into eve. If you’re on the lookout tower for a shower panel, we’ve got you covered. There are 5 different types of screens available.

Suppose you’re trying to complete an innovative bathroom or something more unadventurous. In that circumstance, you’ll be able to find a bath screen that fits your style. You can’t resist the chic, elegant look of a glass shower door to upgrade your bathroom. The curtains, on the other hand, appear to have a soft hum-drum feel. Instead, clear glass adds light to space and also lets it look larger.

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